Config Bank up and down for letters A&E - MC8

i m trying to config lettes A and E for bank up and down , but buy selection press or long press and bank up or down in not enought , if doesnt change anything .
I have tried too with a program chance and with a value of 127 and bank up , but no reaction .
I know it has to be easy but i m too new in this and im lost . Any one can help me ?

Can you share a screenshot of the editor showing what you have programmed?

Are you trying to bank up/down on the MC8 itself? If so, do note that some functions like bank up/down do not work while in editor mode. More info here:

Yes inly trying to bank up/down on the MC8 itself confir other buttons .
Aries is the name of the song and i pretend to have letter A with a long press a bank down.

I have attaced a screenshot .


Im trying to bank up/down on the MC8 itself configuring other buttons . ( IE preset A )
In the MIDI dictionary shows for bank up a cc number ( ok For preset A ) and value of 127 ( ok too ) and chanel 1 ( ok too ) , but why i doesent change when i press ?

I doesnt work even whe is exit from the edit mode and re start the MC8 , Can anyone showme how to do it ?


That’s the wrong message type. There is a dedicated bank up/down message type for the mc in the dropdown menu.

Thanks , i see the one you mean , now working well