Completely Frozen MC8

I was using the editor and my MC8 froze. None of the pedal buttons work. I can connect to my device, see my presets and even update my firmware but still the pedal buttons do not work. I did a hard reset like it explains at Firmware Upload Failure but it did not help. Now what?

do you have anything connected to the omniports or midi in port? If you disconnect then, does it resolve the issue?

Nothing connected and ports all set to midi out but totally frozen.

I’ll require some more information about the controller.

Does the MC8 boot up normally? As in, does it show the version number and then boot up to the preset page? So it hangs at the preset page? If you can share a video on what happens when you power it up, that’ll help a lot.

Boots normally then page pedals do not work. See this video 2022-06-16_13-35-49.mp4

Thanks for the video!

I suspect that there is an issue with the bank presets, where perhaps an engage preset even was used which engages another preset with an engage preset, and its executing in a loop until it hangs.

I think I’ll need to add a safe mode feature for the controllers, so users will be able to boot up in “safe mode” with the preset executions disabled when they encounter issues like this.

Give me a moment, I’ll try to compile a hard coded “safe mode” firmware now and upload it here.

Can you try uploading the below firmware and see if it resolves your issue? Do note that the presets and bank presets are all disabled. If the controller does not hang, then you can check your presets and resolve the issue. If you’re unsure, you can do a data dump and share the file here so I can have a look.

2022-06-16_MC8_Firmware_v_3_10_2_Safe_Mode_Test.hex (496.5 KB)

I installed the firmware but the pedals are still frozen. The firmware that is written when it boots is still says 3.0. Did the firmware upload if it stills says 3.O. I noticed the updated says “disconnected from device” half way thru the process but the process continues. I was also able to change the name of a preset with the editor program if thats worth anything. Here is data dump

Morningstar_MC8_All_Banks_Backup_20220616_231844.json (1.5 MB)

Here is a video of the firmware process 2022-06-16_23-37-17.mp4

Yes, after the device updates, it will reboot so the firmware updater will show that it is disconnected. Does the device display v3.10.2 on bootup?

I loaded your file into my controller and the settings seems ok. Is it still frozen on yours, where you are not able to bank up or down?

You might want to try doing a factory reset on the controller, and then reload your data in.

You should also re-update your firmware with the standard v3.10.2 firmware (the firmware I sent you earlier had the presets and bank presets disabled): Release Firmware v3.10.2 · Morningstar-Engineering/MC8-MIDI-Controller · GitHub

Do let me know how it goes, thanks.

The device displays v3.10.2 on bootup. I can bank up and down from the computer. The device is still frozen.

Maybe the factory reset did not work. What am I doing wrong?

I just did exactly what it says here Firmware Upload Failure to do a hard reset but nothing helps. Still frozen.

Sorry, I meant a factory reset to reset all your settings to factory settings.

You can access that from the global setting menu in the controller by holding down Switch E while powering up. This will cause the controller to boot into the global settings menu. And then hold down Switch F (Reset) for 2 seconds to start the factory reset.

Holding down Switch E while powering up brings up the global setting menu but holding down Switch F (Reset) for 2 seconds does not work because all the pedals are still frozen!!

What am I suppose to do next?

If you are able to go into the global config menu but no switches don’t work after that, it is highly likely then that a switch is faulty and is shorting to ground (so the switch is being read as pressed down), which makes the controller look like it’s frozen.

Did you happen to tighten the nuts on any switches? If tightened without holding the switch, the switch lugs might be pushed against the enclosure and cause it to short.

I can send a firmware tomorrow to detect which switch is faulty (being read as pressed down), or you can remove the backplate to visually check.

Please send me the firmware and I will also check

I physically moved the switches around and it solved the problem! I think one was touching the side. Thank you for all your help!

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great, thanks for the update! We had that happen once to another user. We’ll try to add some detection for these kinda issue in the firmware.

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