Complete Midi newbie here - Terraform / Boss DD200

I’m setting up a new pedal board that will have (for now) two midi-capable pedals on it. Boss DD200 multi-delay and Wampler Terraform multi-modulation. I won’t have TONS of different presets, but will likely need to cover half-dozen or so from each pedal. I highly considered getting a full-on looper/midi-controller (like the Boss ES8) but in the end, I’ve opted to not have loops for all my pedals, but still need a small-dish solution to allow me to easily access the presets on these two.

Anyone else have a similar situation that can recommend a Morningstar product to best work for me? Trying to avoid tap-dancing or bending over between songs to set up mod and delay for the next tune. Would also love to be able to use this to call up a longer delay and more volume for a solo boost, if that’s feasible from either pedal.

I have NEVER used Midi of any type, and have Zero clue where to start.

Should all be possible from an MC. If space and budget permits, go for an MC6 MkII - long term, having 6 switches will mean you’re able to do more from one Bank.

Worth reading the manual to understand Banks (there are 30) and how Presets (switches on the controller itself) can be set up within those Banks. Also, you can use the web editor offline to get an idea of what can be done. For example, a switch can be set to Toggle between two completely different MIDI commands with each press. And you can add other stuff e.g. Long Press Release action (so you could set Bank 1 preset A switch to Toggle between two different PC commands, and also send a Bypass command on Long Press Release).

It comes down to how much of each pedal’s function CAN be controlled by MIDI. Looking at the Wampler manual, looks like you can map any sound to any Program Change value, and set up a Bypass PC. BUT! if the pedal doesn’t expose controls like setting values for Delay, Depth etc the MC won’t be able to to change them. Wampler manual does say you can send CC#81 value 0 to access Tap Tempo… the MC has a thing called looper mode where the switch response becomes instant so this means you should be able to tap tempo in from the MC.

Basically: if a pedal’s function can be controlled via MIDI, there’ll be a way to control it in a guitarist friendly way from the MC! Hell, I’m a bass player and I’ve managed it :slight_smile:

Hi. We have a product comparison chart here that will hopefully help make your decision easier too: