Compatibility with other controllers

Hello i was wondering if is it possible to send midi signals through the morningstar mc6 to the pedals attached to it.
what i want to do is hook all my midi pedals to the mc6 to control them and additionally be able to connect mc6 to my boss ms-3 and control those same pedals with it too, so basically it would work as an extension of the ms-3

If I understand correctly then yes, the MC6 has midi through. To clarify, you mean plug each pedal into a loop on the MS3 while also having control over parameters/presets via midi from the MC6? I don’t have the MS3, are you sending Midi from the Boss to the MC6?

yes midi from de boss to the MC6, the morningstar gonna have on it most of the pedals cause it has more compatibility with midi than boss but i want everything to work as a single unit, thanks

Yes, thats possible. I run a MC8 in combination with an ES8 and an MC6 Pro in combination with an GT 1000Core and a Moen Gec 5. I would be even possible to connect all 5 MIDI contollers but I’m running out of channels :rofl:
Seriously why are there only 16 channels?

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hahah thanks wolf you just sold me one!