Communicate with the Morningstar Controller through multiple clients

Is it possible to establish a connection through multiple software clients? For example, when I try to connect to the Morningstar controller through the Morningstar software and also using the Strymon Nixie editor, I get an error. That is, only one client can talk with the controller at a time.
Is it possible to allow multiple connections? It can be really useful, as I use the morningstar controller to edit my Meris and Strymon pedals using desktop apps.


I assume you are using Windows?

If so, in Windows, when once software claims the MIDI port, it is no longer available for use for other software. This issue doesn’t exist in MacOS.

In the v3.10, the firmware now exposes 4 virtual USB MIDI Ports, so you can connect multiple software to the controller. If you need to use > 1 port, be sure to update the Virtual USB MIDI Port setting in the controller settings tab >> General configuration. Port1 is reserved for communication with the Morningstar Editor.

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I never knew this - but then I use a mac.

Trying to see if I understand the thought behind this, because I think what y’all are discussing is a solution I have wondered about myself…if I am using a third party desktop editor for say both my polymoon and Enzo pedals by Meris, do the virtual ports mean that with the one physical USB connection from my computer to the mc-8, I can use the morningstar editor and at the same time the Meris editor will send and change settings to the Meris pedals over trs?

From the manual: “The MC8 can receive MIDI messages (only PC, CC, Note and MIDI Clock) via USB and relay them out through its 5-pin and 1/4 inch MIDI outputs.”

I suspect it won’t work as you’d like but it’s gotta be worth a go?

The virtual USB MIDI ports were added mainly due to a limitation in Windows where one port can only connect to one software, so if Ableton, for example, connects to Port 1, another software cannot use port 1. If you’re on macOS then there isn’t this issue.

Hi Guys,
Eventually, I solved this issue by using Roland UM-One Mk2 along with a Meris MIDI I/O box, and now I can run multiple pedal editors (Enzo, Henda and Ottobit all together) through the same MIDI device at the same time and in parallel (the Roland device).
I am using Windows 10, and the Roland MIDI adapter works great. I wonder, why can’t we achieve the same setup on Windows 10 using the Morningstar MC8? Is it a driver issue/bug?
If it works with Roland, there must be a way to achieve it using the MC8. I personally would love to route all my MIDI commands through the MC8, and not have the Roland device run in parallel… too many cables :slight_smile:


That’s useful to know - the Roland UM is a handy piece of kit to have for sure!

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You should be able to use the MC8 for this. Try just connecting the MIDI IN and OUT from the I/O box to the MC8, then turn on Cross MIDI Thru and turn off MIDI Thru in the MC8 global settings.

It’s just transmitting SysEx messages between USB MIDI and the MIDI port.

I thought the sysex message didn’t pass trough the usb

Yes, SysEx messages do pass through USB to DIN5 and vice versa

I try with midi I/O and meris, and you are right.
It symplifies my gig