Communicate with the Morningstar Controller through multiple clients

Is it possible to establish a connection through multiple software clients? For example, when I try to connect to the Morningstar controller through the Morningstar software and also using the Strymon Nixie editor, I get an error. That is, only one client can talk with the controller at a time.
Is it possible to allow multiple connections? It can be really useful, as I use the morningstar controller to edit my Meris and Strymon pedals using desktop apps.


I assume you are using Windows?

If so, in Windows, when once software claims the MIDI port, it is no longer available for use for other software. This issue doesn’t exist in MacOS.

In the v3.10, the firmware now exposes 4 virtual USB MIDI Ports, so you can connect multiple software to the controller. If you need to use > 1 port, be sure to update the Virtual USB MIDI Port setting in the controller settings tab >> General configuration. Port1 is reserved for communication with the Morningstar Editor.

I never knew this - but then I use a mac.