Comments on the latest MSEditor for FW 3.9.4

These are my thoughts, so far, on the things I don’t appreciate on the latest Web/App Editor for FW 3.9.4

1- The wide margins on both sides. I think it’s a waste of space and I have to make use of all my Macbook Pro screen to be able to see all the 2nd-level menu (Edit Preset, etc.)

2- The tiny fonts on the Preset dropdown menu (this is going in the opposite direction to my request for larger fonts on some dropdown menus/info, sigh…)

3- The Preset dropdown menu staying on display after a Preset has been selected. I think it should collapse after a selection is made (wasn’t that the way it was before?). Besides, if one wants it to stay you have provided an option to disengage it from the dropdown.

Other than that I am grateful for the constant improvements provided by the MS team!

EDIT: I think I know the explanation for 1 & 2… The margins are wider so as to accommodate the new dropdown menu when disengaged (and hence the tiny fonts… sigh)

thanks for the feedback.

It’s always hard to meet everyone’s requirements but where possible we’ll see if a setting can be added in the editor setting tab.

for the margins, yes it’s currently set to 80% of the page but it should have been a max width setting instead. I’ll check it out later


@james I totally understand that you can’t please everyone, let alone a single user. The intention of my feedback, as always, was just to present my point of view and in the process perhaps highlight some potential bugs (or unintended results)

Thank you for your response!


Sorry but, personally, I like the margins idea, and even if my ‘music’ screens are often small (the larger being for DAW), and even if being very old boy with eyeglasses, I can read the small floating window.
Actually I think that the idea of floating tools windows is a great way to go, so we can free space in the main window for editing.
In France we say ‘les gouts et les couleurs…’ :wink:

Precisely why its so hard to please everyone :joy:

Anyway, I’ll just take this chance to say that we really appreciate all the feedback and suggestions. If we don’t implement it, it can be because of many reasons:

  1. We don’t know how to do it yet
  2. We don’t agree
  3. Technically too challenging for the impact generated. Sometimes (usually most of the time) there’s a lot of things that need to be done first before we can implement something.

Sometimes we just don’t have an answer for that suggestion or feedback yet.

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@CSurieux No need to be sorry :slight_smile: Everyone one has his/her own views and tastes.

In Venezuela we have a similar saying (Spanish). It goes like this:
“Entre gustos y colores, los míos son los mejores” (Entre les goûts et les couleurs, les miens sont les meilleurs) -we are inclined to joke and, when possible, rhyme all the time, he he.



I agree with LuisLugo in 3.
And also a question or a bug reporting, since this new version, if I choose a preset in the editor the device doesn’t changes to the selected preset, bank up/down works but not preset changing .

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@james - I think it’s fair to say back at you. Morningstar is an exemplar on how to develop software/firmware. You clearly have a hugely effective workflow (I guess Jira?) and it shows in the speed and breadth of the changes. In the fairly short time I’ve been an MC6 user the rate of improvements has been staggering. Thanks!!


@james In my exploration of the latest MSEditor, I also found the following:

  1. I don’t see the option to edit (pencil icon) the Counters’ names (it came up as I was reviewing your youtube video on the MSEditor 1.2)

While on this topic (minor display issues):

  • Counter min/max values don’t match the down arrow positions, unless on full screen display.
  • That dark magenta colour use in Dark Mode to highlight the selected counter value makes it almost invisible (my 15-inch macbook pro is at full brightness all the time due to a problem with the basic display engine board, so it’s not a brightness issue :P)
  1. User library suggestion/request:
    Could this library be populated either by copy/paste actions from the Preset message menu (copy) unto the User library (paste, within the “Add” pop-up or in the menu) or via and option on the Preset message menu itself (e.g. Add to User Library)
    This would allow users to save PC, CC messages without having to type everything again.
    PS: I can imagine this might be easier asked than done…

While on this topic, could SysEx messages also be included within the User Library capabilities? -also, easier said than done?

Thank you kindly for reading my comments and for the amazing work you are doing.


Thanks for the comments. The pencil icon is enabled when the Enable editor profile is enabled in the Editor Settings tab.

I have fixed the display issues in the staging editor (we’ll test it more along with other features before we make a push to the live editor this week). Some of the components were not wrapping properly when the display size is small.

We can review the enhancements to the User Library at the later time.

Just FYI, if you create a new topic in the “Bug Reports & Feature Requests”, it gets added into our kanban board where we prioritise everything. I’ve manually created a card for this request.