[Coming soon] Omniport Relay Switching Interface

We’ve had a number of users asking if the Omniports can be used to control amp switching, aux switch inputs in other pedals etc. The answer is no, simply because there is no standard…Some amps switch at 10vAC, some devices at 5vDC, others at 3.3vDC. There’s no way to protect the electronics in the omniport from what’s out there.

So, we are in the midst of manufacturing this:

It’s job is simple - act as an interface between the omniport and other your non-MIDI devices that can be controlled with a aux switch. The omniport controls the relay switch built into this interface.
The Ring and Tip LEDs show what is being shorted to ground.

How to use

Just set your Omniport to Ext Omniport Relay Interface
Then just program a preset to switch it.


Price should be relatively low - about USD49.