Combine MC8 + MC6 for Aux Switch?

Hi all,

I was thinking… it sure would be nice to have aux switches with a screen so I could label them.

Then it dawned on me… what about an MC6?
It certainly seems like the expensive overkill option. Nevertheless, could the MC6 midi output be used (to free up 2 omniports)?

Would that work? Or is it something that could be implemented?

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Why use omni ports when the MC6 and MC8 can talk via midi. One of the units would need to have midi thru turned off and the other on or there would be a perpetual cycle.

The MC6, for instance could have patches and banks which could include messages to the MC8. The MC8 could have patches and banks that then set the MC6. Wouldn’t need an aux switch and you’d have a ridiculous amount of midi functionality

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Cascading midi. I would imagine, at some point, there is a midi buffer limit. I wonder how that works? Is the limit based upon each individual midi device?

Typically I’d guess 16 is the practical limit, given there are 16 unique MIDI channels in the standard (but I’m not an expert!). For a chain of 16 devices you’d be assuming that each can pass all required commands all the way to the end, which probably varies according to device manufacturer!

I had a Liquid Foot and the 12 multicolor strips plus the main screen was great. The MC Pro is going to be killer. I’m using Aux switches more dedicated (e.g., looper control) and the main unit MC8 for display, but more information could make things easier to remember.