CME WIDI Master Review

We recently got our hands on the WIDI Master and wrote a short review here:

Interested to hear your thoughts about this product!

Hey! Question about the CME WIDI - what power is required to the MC6/MC8 in order to power the WIDI? If I power my MC6 via USB from my computer, would that power suffice for the WIDI? Does the MC6 offer pass power through the MIDI ports when powered through USB?

hey Jeff, I’m not sure how much power the WIDI Master will take, but power the MC8 via USB is more than enough to power the WIDI Master. If powering via 9VDC, you can just follow the minimum current recommended for each product.

so, to be clear, the WIDI device will receive its power from the MC6 MIDI jack when the MC6 is powered by USB?

Yes that’s right. The power that the WIDI Master draws will be coming from Pin4 on the MIDI OUT Jack.


amazing. man do I love technology!

The waveform generator stuff is making me want to be able to edit and tweak MC6 without either taking pedal and/or pedalboard to computer or computer to pedalboard…and that makes me think about this WIDI stuff…but am i right in thinking that it wouldn’t actually help a whole lot since the MC6 would have to be disconnected from the pedals while tweaking?

am i missing some trick here?

Hi, great review! Very insightful, but I have a doubt. Is it necessary to plug both the midi in & out? Or could just have both maters on a midi in and out of sepparate devices? I would like to control a sequencer (Deluge MIDI IN) from the MC6 (MIDI OUT) with just the two larger connectors.
Thank you!

Its necessary to connect the MIDI OUT port to the WIDI Jack because there is where the WIDI Jack draws power from. Connecting it to the MIDI IN port is optional

Forgive my ignorance, but could one use this to connect their MC8 to their Mac desktop for use with the editor in order to eliminate ground loops with the computer?

yes its possible - we documented it here:

That’s really cool… Anyone know if there’s one with a MIDI Thru so you can continue to send your messages down the line while not having to reconnect it every time you edit?

You can also power WIDI Jack (but not WIDI Master) via its USB-C jack.

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Can it pass MIDI back/forth to/from the MC8 through their respective USB ports?