Clunking sounds and flashes when booting up on USB power

Hi folks,

My MC6 Pro just arrived yesterday and I’m super impressed with the programmability already.

I noticed that when I plug into my computer over USB power the startup looks like this:

But when it’s powered from the Headrush Looperboard’s USB power it seems to reboot halfway through and flashes the screen more times:

Do the number of flashes mean anything? Are those clunking sounds the relay ports? I just want to make sure I’m not damaging the unit by powering it this way. It would be ideal to only have a single USB cable for both power and data, but I can use 9V in if needed. Thanks!

Yeah it’s not getting enough power. You’ll need to add 9v

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Probably not enough power for both devices to boot up at the same time. You might have better luck if you wait for the Headrush to boot up and then connect the MC6 Pro.

I’d still follow moley6knipe’s advice though and power it direct to save yourself some headaches. When things are close to the edge on power with a digital device something is going to fail or be quirky for you at the worst possible time.

Thanks. Does anyone know if the number of white flashes on boot up means something? For example, is it a code to indicate which power source it’s using (9V, USB, or MIDI)?

It doesn’t mean anything - its just to indicate that the device is receiving power, rather than black screen while the device is booting up.

That looks like what is happening. Power is being cut (or not enough power supplied) from the Headrush halfway through booting up

Thanks @james. I just did a test with a USB-powered light plugged into the same USB port on the Looperboard I had the MC6 Pro in. The light turns on when boot up is started, briefly goes out, and then comes back on and stays on. I’m guessing this is when the Looperboard kernel initializes the USB drivers…

As for the white flashes and clicking sounds, I’ve seen anywhere from two to six when powering the MC6 from the Looperboard. This happens even if the Looperboard is fully started up when I plug the USB in. The MC6 does always boot eventually and run normally though. Am I risking any damage to the unit this way?

The clicking sounds are from the relays being energised. It should just click once though - it sounds like possibly there isn’t enough current provided from the Looperboard.

I don’t think it will damage the MC6 PRO but that being said, it also doesn’t hurt to give the current the MC6 PRO needs