Closing a loop on the HE Microcosm not working properly

Hi there,

I have an issue with the playback timing of a closed loop on the Microcosm…

I have a bank set up on the MC6 specifically for using the Microcosm’s loop function:
Preset A: Shift = REC; pos. 1 = PLAY; pos. 2 = DUB
Preset B: pos. 1 = DUB; pos. 2 = PLAY
Preset C: pos. both = STOP; long press = ERASE (long press also resets Preset A to Shift to start over)

On entering the bank, Preset A, B & C are put into looper mode.

The problem is this:
When I want to record a loop, then save it after a single play (i.e. stop it to recall later) I use Preset C to stop it. However, invariably, when I come to replay the loop later on, I find it’s out of time and truncated.

As I type this, I’m wondering - is it to do with the long-press function I have for ERASE in Preset C? Or something else? It’s pretty frustrating - I know my timing isn’t that bad when I play!

Hope someone has some advise to help me.


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