Clock send and receive/through?


I have an MC3 that I am very happy with, connected to El Capistan v2 and a Boss RC-5 looper. I’m using the MC3 to tell the looper and the delay what the BPM should be and this works well. The issue I am running in to is that once I powered down the board and start it up again, only the looper knows what the BPM was (it is stored in one of its presets.)

So what I would like to achieve is to use the MC3 to set the BPM initially, then have the looper be the clock source for the delay and other devices.

The looper has a midi out, so I could hook that up to a single downstream device (like the delay)… but better would be to connect it back to the MC3 because it has way more midi connections.

Would this work? In short I guess my question is, are any of the midi ports on the MC3 thru?

The MC3 does not have any MIDI IN ports except USB so it won’t work unless you have a USB MIDI Host interface connected to the USB port.