Clock Modification & Omni Send

Hi, just recently received my MC6 Pro and it’s great, just getting in to using the features and really impressed so far.

A couple of feature requests that would be useful (not sure if possible or easy to impliment).

MIDI Clock:

It would be great to have a Message Type of ‘MIDI Clock Double’ & ‘MIDI Clock Half’. This would allow you to tap out a tempo using the MIDI Clock message and then double/half that speed using a long press (for example). Would provide some interesting options for using delay pedals and changing between different sections of a song on the fly while being based around the original tapped tempo.

Omni Send:

Aware this was asked about in 2021 and the hardware wasn’t capable but does the MC6 Pro have the ability to send expression values to non MIDI pedals?

While I see the value for some users, this is not a cheap feature to add.

AFAIK, the omniports can support the current features because they don’t require extra hardware. Suspect it’s the same reason that the omniports do not support midi in.

IMHO this is best left to an add-on device for the subset of people that need it.

Who knows, maybe this could be cheap to add in a future product, but I suspect it would bump the cost more than Morningstar and most of the other customers would be willing to cover.

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Someone posted this recently


Ah thank you, wasn’t aware of that. Really useful!

Personally, I think this is better left to the receiving devices to manage (most delay devices should have a subdivision control). MIDI clock is just meant to provide a constant tempo to sync all devices. If the MIDI clock tempo changes, there is going to be some warping as the receiving devices try to adjust and calculate the new tempo being received (like turning the delay time knob).

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Thanks for responding James. Yeah I understand, been impressed with the device and functionality so far!