Clarification needed concerning Long Press Scroll

When I use it as this, the counter is decreased in a loop as long as I press the switch

But with this, the preset is not engaged as many time as I press the switch, not even one time

Why ? Is it a bug ?

Works fine for me when I use Long Press Scroll in Preset A to engage Preset B.

What is your Bank 23 Preset R executing on Press?

Preset R contains 2 MSGs each one increases a CC counter, my expectation was to be able to repeat on the 2 increments while I press.

Seems to work fine for me. Can you share a screenshot of your Bank23 Preset R?

Ok, I discovered that when disconnected from editor it works :wink:
Simply a little disapointing to have the simple increase work and the long press scroll with engage not working when connected to editor, but just something to know.

You can always disable that function so everything will work:

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