Chase bliss pedals omniport settings

I have a generation loss mkii and mood mkii and was wondering what omniport setting I should be using?

It should be set to “Ring Active”.

I think some users do face some issues with the Mood MKII because the Tip connection needs to be disconnected completely. A modified TRS cable might be required where the Tip connection is disconnected in the cable.

I’m not sure if there is some other software tricks we could try, but if you are facing this issue, let me know?

Is this for all Chasebliss pedals?

Yes, minus the automatone series. So, any pedal in the 125b (6 knob, 4 switch, 2 footswitch, dip switch) enclosure size will be ring active.

If it helps, the way I was able to get the Mood MKII and the Blooper to play nice with my MC6 Pro was using a TS to TRS cable, where you send the TIP of the TS side to the RING of the TRS side. Sleeve to sleeve. You leave the TIP on the TRS side unconnected. Then you plug the TS side into the Morningstar, and the TRS side into the Chase Bliss. I then use the Type A (Standard) setting on the omniport.

If you’re not able to make a cable yourself, you can buy one from, e.g., Disaster Area.


I was wondering about floating the tip?
I have a warped vinyl HiFi, I’ve yet to mess with it. I’m currently soldering splitter cables.

Well I tried disconnecting the tip on both sides still doesn’t work with my Warped Vinyl HiFi. I’m going to try franktree’s method!

Well I can confirm Franktree’s advice worked for me.
Thanks, for the advice.

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Would a cable like the ebs split trs cable work?

Yes, you can connect the TRS end to the Chase Bliss port, and then the TS Ring end to the Omniport and set it to MIDI Out - Tip active.

This will send MIDI data on the tip, which will reach the Ring side of the TRS plug.


Thank you! That’s helpful to know

Hi - I’m new to all of this and had a custom cable made. I panicked when I looked back at Franktree’s advice and forgot to tell the maker the part of “the TIP of the TRS side needs to be unconnected.” :person_facepalming:t4:

But a second person here to verify this method worked! MC6 Pro & CBA Mood MKI are talking to each other successfully! I’ve tested toggling bypass states and activating the presets saved on the pedal, all worked! Now I’m off to try and save a new preset…