Chase Bliss Mood - issues with engaging bypass switch

HI there - I wonder if anyone has faced a similar problem with Chase Bliss Mood.

I am using MC6 Mk II (latest firmware) with a Morningstar Midi box (jumpers set on the port correctly for CBA).

I am controlling the Mood via midi and have been succesful with Preset Changes, controlling the Mood toggles for routing and both the OBNE & Drolo sides (CC’s 21-23) - I have even been able to control the Clock on the Mood using CC Sequence and Waveforms. All good exciting stuff but with one exception. I can’t seem to be able to control engaging the bypass using CC103 (as specified by CBA as bypass switch control).

CC103 has values of 127, 85 and 45 which engages Both sides, the OBNE side or the Drolo side. However when I send these values nothing happens. I’m just doing a simple Press and Control Change using different MC6 switches for each value rather than Toggle or Long Press.

I have also watched the CBA videos on Youtube which describe how to configure midi to engage the OBNE and Drolo sides on Mood and copied what they have done exactly - still nothing.

CC102 works fine to completely bypass the pedal or engage with the last saved bypass state (values of 0 and 127) - it’s just CC103 I have problems with.

Any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome! Have you had a read of Controlling MOOD's bypass status? ? Seems to be on the same subject?

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have seen that yes - it doesn’t actually solve the problem. The original poster never mentions whether it works for him/her.


An update on this issue - I contacted CBA who replied “We did reconfigure the CC’s for bypass/engage to a much simpler method that uses easy to understand commands isolated to each side. We would need you to bring your MOOD in for update…”.

Unfortunately this isn’t really practical for me in the UK but now I know there’s nothing more I can do - at least I can control almost all other CC’s in MOOD so it’s not a big problem.