Chase Bliss Blooper Mods on/off requires 2 presses

How can I turn Mods on/off on a Chase Bliss Blooper and also show the Mod on/off status on the Morningstar MC6 Pro?

If I configure it with Toggle Mode on it takes 2 on the Morningstar to change the on/off status. The screen does change with each press, but it’s out of sync with what the pedal is doing.

On the other hand, if Toggle Mode is off, it only takes one press on the Morningstar. But the screen doesn’t provide any feedback on the on/odd status. (I’ll post below as new users apparently can’t post more than one pic per post)

Any suggestions?

Here are the non-toggle mode settings

If its out of sync with what the CB pedal is doing then you just need to swap the message positions around. So in the first screenshot you shared, Msg 1 should be set to Position 2, and Msg 2 should be set to Position 1.

It’s not off by one. It’s out of sync because it takes 2 presses:

press:           1   2   3   4   5   6
Morningstar: OFF ON  OFF ON  OFF ON OFF

I’ve tried it with a CC value of 1 and 127 with the same result.

Sounds like the pedal only toggles with 127. So 0 won’t do anything. I’d 127 in both positions.

Thanks. Weirdly, this seems to actually work. But it’s not just 127. It also works when both positions have a value of 1. It’s weird because that doesn’t seem to correspond with the MIDI specs for CC30:

MOD A CC#30 Range: 0=Off, Any Value >0=ON

At least I have it working now. Thanks!