Changing Presets on an H90

This used to be a pretty trivial thing on the H9 but, seemingly not at all trivial on the H90. I am somewhat used to programming the MC6 (and an H9) so this is specific as to what the heck to I need to send to the H90 to change to user 4, the first program. The Eventide description of this is vague at best. Many thanks!

Went through this myself and totally agree about Eventide’s woeful verbiage on MIDI with the H90.

I just got my H90 a couple of days ago, but maybe this will help. go to Global setting on the H90 and set your MIDI channel you want to use (if you haven’t already) - section 7.3 in the html manual. for simple program changes just use the PC message that corresponds numerically to the program in the H90. for me: in MC8 editor: press - CC #4 - midi ch 4 and that makes the H90 go to program 4.

If you want to assign something specific the H90, it strangely has no pre-fabbed dedicated MIDI CC/PC numbers. you have to do everything. Which is a blessing and a curse. Go to section 6.4 in the manual. it’s kind of clear on how to do it on the pedal. Make sure in “parameter” mode on the unit.

What I haven’t figured out yet, is if the H90 control app (which is NOT compatible with controlling H9s -although you can load your H9 presets) allows an easy way to make custom associations with CC commands, right now, i’m doing it on the pedal and not in the app. still trying to figure that out…more on that later when i have time to futz with it.

hope this helps,

html manual link: Eventide H90 User Manual — Eventide H90 documentation