Changing presets on a Nord Electro with MC6

Hei there,

has anyone tried changing presets on a Nord keyboard?
I’m trying to figure it out, this is what I know from the Nord Electro 5D manual:

Electro 5 Program Change reference
Parameter Value
Bank Select MSB #0 0
Bank Select LSB #32 0-7
Program Change 0-49

A complete Program Change message
consists of an MSB message of 0, an
LSB message with the requested Bank
number and a Prog Change message of
0-49. Values above 49 are ignored.

Don’t know how to tell that to my MC6 though. :wink:
What settings do I need to engage in the editor?

Thanks for your help!

Hi. Here’s an example of how you would recall Bank 2 Preset 3:

Msg1 - CC#0, Value 0 (engages bank select)
Msg2 - CC#32, Value 1 (selects bank 2)
Msg3 - PC#2 (selects preset 3)

I believe that once you are in your desired bank and just want to recall presets within that bank, sending a PC message alone will do the job. As long as you are not wanting to select a preset outside the current bank. Let me know if that works!

Hei Brandon,

it works perfectly, thank you very much!
PC# 5 engages preset 4, that’s weird but maths I can deal with.

Thanks, happy days!

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