Changing banks on MC3 with external foot switch

Hi, I’m having a problem changing banks with the MC3. On the MC3 you have to step on A and C simultaneously to bank down and C and B simultaneously to bank up. What happens from time to time is that in changing banks I will inadvertently trigger a sample/sound and it’s quite embarrassing. I’m wondering if it’s possible to connect some banking, switching type pedal to the MC3 and use it to change banks? If so, a few questions:

  1. Could you recommend a make/model pedal that will do this?
  2. Would I connect the pedal to the “EXP 1” jack?
  3. Is there anything I need to do in the Morningstar editor software to activate or assign bank changing to the expression pedal?

Thanks so much!

You can consider decreasing the switch sensitivity to 1 or 2 and see if that issue still affects you, or use the “Bank Change Mode” message type to select a bank to change to.

  1. Any 2/3 button TRS aux switch will work. The required connections for each switch is Tip to Ground, Ring to Ground and Tip + Ring to ground. If it works with the Eventide H9, it will work for the MC3.
  2. Yes, it needs to be connected to the Exp1 jack
  3. You’ll need to set the Omniport setting:

Thanks James! I will see if I can find that pedal. Thanks for the help on the software too!

@Chris1 - this definitely works, use it myself. Any pedal with comparable wiring should work too.

Fantastic. Thanks so much for the recommendation. My guy at Sweetwater recommended this…

Mission Engineering Inc TT2 External Footswitch | Sweetwater

Hoping it works. If not, I will be purchasing the pedal you recommended. Thanks again!



I think that’ll work fine. Connect a TRS cable and then you’ll need to configure that omniport’s Tip and Ring settings to your requirements, and set Tip+Ring to ‘Do nothing’.

Recommend experimenting with assigning one switch to ‘Bank Change Mode’ instead of using one switch for bank up and the other for bank down. That would free up a switch for e.g. toggle page.

Awesome. Thanks so much!