Changing banks in left column does not trigger On Enter Bank events

Hey guys,

I’m very impressed with the device and the editor in the two days I’ve had the MC6 Pro. The software is very powerful and stable, great job!

Here’s a minor bug in Editor Build v1.3.8.240131518:

  1. Set up a bank with On Enter Bank events
  2. Make them something visible like changing to Page 1
  3. Save the bank, and leave it on Page 2
  4. Go to another bank
  5. Navigate to the original bank using the left side column of Banks (red rectangle in screen shot)

Notice that when you do this, your On Enter Bank events do not happen. By comparison, if you use the Bank Up and Bank Down buttons (green rectangle), those events do get correctly triggered.

It’s a very minor issue but it took me a minute to figure out that my bank preset messages were correctly set and the editor somehow isn’t causing them to fire. To be clear, those events happen fine when changing banks from the footswitches. The problem only occurs within the red rectangle.