Change presets via iPad app

Hello all,

I Have my MC6 Mk II hooked up to a uHost and it works really well, however there’s one issue that I’ve run into when programming it from the iPad editor.

Is there a way to change preset directly from the iPad app? I can see that bank changing is possible but can’t find a way to do it for presets.

If it isn’t possible, I’d like to request it as a possible feature update.

You can trigger presets with specific actions with CC messages: MC6 MKII User Manual (Firmware v3.10)

You can’t use the editor app to trigger presets, but you can use other apps like MIDI Designer to send the required CC messages to trigger the presets that you want.

Thanks James ill give it a try :slight_smile:

Can a third party app switch banks etc on the MC’s or does that need to happen physically on the device?

As long as the app and the device running the app can send PC and CC to the MC, yes!

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