Change bank up/down combo on MC6

Can the combination of A+B, B+C be changed so they don’t change banks? (MC6)
I’d like to assign those functions to two foot switches I don’t use like D and E. Too many times I press a bank change combo by accident in the middle of a song.

Yes… go into Controller Settings and change the Dual Switch Lock to Enabled.

Then you can use an action on a preset to invoke either Bank Jump, Bank Up, Bank Down or Bank Change Mode. The latter is probably worth trying to start with!


I’m wondering what happens with dual switch lock turned on, if you wind up on a blank bank? How would you get back to a programmed bank? I’m using bank 2 98% of the time now, with Bank 1 rarely. The rest are blank.

For now I left dual switch lock off and set midi channel button sensitivity to 5

You could easily go in and add a Jump to Bank 2 (or whatever you make “Home”) preset on each empty bank just in case. Tip: A triple click will Paste to all banks.

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Good idea. And actually I think 5 makes the footswitches more sensitive, not less. Probably set that back to 3.

3 works best for me.

I use Long Press to take me to bank 1 (home) and a Double Tap to take me to “next set of banks” (I arrange my banks like Core, Songs, Chorus/Octave/Filter/Drives, Synths). I’ve added an external switch to let me bank change and toggle page. That’s well worth looking into in my opinion….

Ciao from Italy.
In order to keep the dual switch press functions (bank up and bank down) and avoit to change bank accidentally during a preset change, can I set the press type of the dual switch?
A long press should be really useful!