CC Waveform Help

Hi folks, first time post (first time using a forum honestly) so hopefully I don’t sound too dumb haha.

I’ve very green with midi, got a mc6 almost a year ago but haven’t really used it much since I got it (got a little overwhelmed). I recently watched the vid on cc waveforms, found it interesting and wanted to try it. Got it working, but now I’m not really sure what message to write to make it stop haha.

Any help is appreciated!

Welcome! I would use Msg1 in your preset, set to position 1, to start. And then msg2 in the same preset, set to position 2, to stop. That would work!!


I’ve not dived into the Waveform Generator, but when you select the action, 2 drop down boxes show up. First one lets you choose to start or stop and the second picks which Engine to use (you set up the waveforms in the Controller Settings)
So for example you could have Preset A set like this:

First press will start the Waveform (set to perpetual in this case so it keeps going) and second press will stop.


Thank for the help! I realize I must have forgot to turn toggle mode on. Rookie mistake

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Been there! Also to note, it took me way too long to realize you can leave “Toggle Mode” off and utilize the Action Types “Toggle Preset” or “Set Toggle”
Not ideal for this use case but can open up some more complex programming allowing you to use a preset without going into Position 2 until you want.

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It starts with a bonus Long Press, then before you know it…

::insert Alice rabbit hole gif::