Cc waveform - Fade-in fade out over different midi channels

Hello everyone

hardware: MC6 MKII

What I would like to do is:

  • Perform a fade in/out with one touch of a switch
  • switch off fadings, set volume to a cc value (level)
  • able to apply theses fades / resets to different midichannels.

I think I need 2 single cycle cc wavorms
cc waveform 1 = fade-in
cc waveform 2 = fade-out

What can I do best in order to reset the volume level to a specific value?
And is it possible to mitigate the fade options by 1 cc waveform.

Many thanks for answering my question.
And please if my question explained else where please link it to me, It’ll be much appreciated! :sunglasses::muscle:t2:

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If you know the CC number and value to send that will set the required volume then this would be worth a try:

Set preset so toggle mode is on.

Msg1 position 1 - CC waveform for fade in
msg2 position 2 - CC waveform for fade out
Msg3 position 2 - delay (equivalent to the fade out time)
Msg4 position 2 - CC number and value for “reset volume”

You might even be able to add a msg before above msg2 to Invert Waveform of the CC wave… that might allow you to use the same waveform for up and down. Never tried that myself!

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Many thanks for your reaction Moley6knipe

I think that’s a great answer, I also think it’s worth a try too. I have some spare time tomorrow evening to experiment with this feature.

when I do I keep you post it! :sunglasses::muscle:t2:

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I use this in my set with waveform generator in sawtooth up to control “plastic music” fader in Xair18. It works fine.

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Many thanks for your time StefGTR and Moley6knipe
Nice to know this solution works!

I’m a rookie in this case and personally I want to learn more of the basics what the editor has to offer. Now I definitely stumble upon some lack of knowledge and the functions of the editor.

So thank you for everythting
I have some learning to do :sunglasses::grin::wink::muscle:t2: