CC Sequencer - manual not automatic

I’ve searched to see if this is possible, but haven’t found anything in the manual or posts.

I’d like to scroll through a non sequential set of CC values. I don’t want to automatically cycle through them as the generator does, but manually cycle through them. As an example, set up a CC value scroll to go through CC values 2,5,12, 20.

Can this be done?

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Might be possible on the beta 3.9.x firmware… CC value scroll now has a Step value function so you could do a “one shot” type of thing with a combo of that command and delay values. As for “send the next CC each time I press the switch”, I think that might be a struggle


A manual step sequencer would be great! As @moley6knipe stated above, you should be able to accomplish this with the new beta CC Value Scroll.

Thanks. I’ll work around it for now,

I don’t agree with @moley6knipe. I may be wrong but what dpes @johnnyninja want are diferent step values:2, 5, 12, 20,… and that, my friends, doesn’t exist in CC values scroll. You must choose a step that remains constant.
We have to ask @james but, for me, the solution in the future could be using sequencer engines with value scroll as an option to counters. That way we could have arbitrary sequences of values (limited to max of 16 values as it is now)

Here is my use case. The Boss RC-5 let’s you select from several drum kit sounds. Scrolling through the values shies that these numbers correspond to each kit.

0, 11, 32, 53,75,96,117

I want to be able to scroll through these values. Currently, I need to assign each one to an action.

Oh, for sure what’s being asked here (now we know the use case) won’t work with my suggestion of CC scroll + delay as a one shot action.

But, the ability to somehow increment to an exact PC or CC value on each subsequent press would be a killer feature. And it seems in lieu of Boss implementing sensible CC numbering, it would be the only viable way to jump thru a number of rhythm styles without using up 6 switches!

Boss made this totally illogical values choice to select rhythm kits and patterns. God knows what they were thinking the day they decided this. The experience I have with their client support is that this is what it is. No hope on that side. Meanwhile Morningstar makes ist best to resolve other brand issues. Many thanks to them.

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Non-sequential scrolling would be a killer feature!

I’ve got the RC-500. and like the RC-5, the rhythm sounds are on non-sequential CC values. Was looking for a solution when I came across this thread.

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You should be able to use Message Scroll on a single preset to execute this, if I’m understanding your use case correctly.

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