CC Number Scroll Command

Like CC Value scroll nessage, but number of the scroll counter is used as the cc message number when sent (and you can specify the CC value in a text box.). Effectively the roles of CC value and CC number are reverse.

I have a pedal where several related commands each has its own CC. I’m creating a virtual knob for it, but realized that scroll counters only work for CC values, not CC numbers.

Hi. The only way to execute a CC number scroll at the moment is to use the Message Scroll feature. We explain it in this video. You can now also change scroll direction by using the ‘Utility’ message type. Hope it helps!

Thanks. That helps.

Is there a way to advance the selected message without sending it … and then trigger it to send?

If I’m on message 1, I may want to only send message 5 next (and skip 2-4)

Does this do what I’m looking for? Utility action to mangage preset scroll to set number of messages to scroll. Will it scroll without taking action?

What I’m trying to build is a button that has a variable action, always sends the current message until another button is pressed which changes the scroll of the first button, but doesn’t execute the message.

I’d also need:

  • to control the scroll of another preset (and not execute it)
  • prevent message scrolling when pressing the preset button. Maybe I can do that with press and release messages? How does that work with message scroll?

Message scroll only executes with Release Preset Message Scroll (scroll through messages within a preset) so sounds feasible!

Here’s an example on scrolling through 5 messages:

Just FYI, there’s a Use Preset Template tool where you can see and apply common use cases: