CC decay on release?

Perhaps my pedal can do this but I can’t figure it out.

When I hold down my switch, I want the CC value to be set to 127. When I release the switch, I want that value to decay down to 0 from 127, over a set period (say 200 ms), so that the effect I’m controlling does not abruptly disappear. Furthermore, even if we are mid-decay, the next time I push the switch we should immediately jump back to 127.

I tried doing this with a custom sequence that starts on release and is only played once but I must not have configured it correctly, it does not decay at all and seems to interfere with my subsequent push.

Can anyone help me with this? It seems well within the capabilities of the pedal.

I’d use a one-shot LFO for that, rather than a sequence.

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Great thanks, that worked. I now have another issue but I’ll start a new thread for it.

I created a one shot LFO first to ramp up to max with a sawtooth. Then when I release, I invert the same sawtooth and ramp down but more slowly. I can ramp up to 100% wet reverb and then ramp down for a nice effect.

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