CC actions loaded from User Library show parameter name, those loaded from Midi Dictionary do not

Hi there,
I’m currently on the wait-list for an MC6 Pro, and I’m taking some time to set up the Midi Editor program while I wait.

I noticed that when configuring a CC Action in a Preset, if I load from the User Library, beneath the CC number, there will be text showing what parameter that CC corresponds to (as defined by me in the Library menu).

This is not the case for CC actions loaded from the Midi Dictionary. When loading from the Midi Dictionary, only the CC number will be displayed, leaving my guessing as to what that parameter does when I look at the action later.

The User Library also allows me to define a midi channel, so that the CC Action will always go to the right pedal. When loading from the Midi Dictionary, the channel seems to always default to 1 (even if I have named the midi channels identically to the pedal in Device config). Perhaps the Midi Dictionary menu could allow me to link a pedal to a given midi channel, in order to solve this?

Although the User Library (when setting up a CC action) auto-configures the midi channel and displays the CC parameter name, the User Library menu does not allow for the same easy navigation as the Midi Dictionary. All User Library menu items are presented in a single big list, rather than being grouped by pedal or midi channel. I would love to see the User Library get the same organization as the Midi Dictionary (IE click a favorite, then click a parameter, rather than scrolling through a big list).

I would love to see the User Library menu gain the features of the Midi Dictionary menu, and for the CC Actions loaded from the Midi Dictionary to get the same features as those loaded from the User Library.

Or better yet, there could be a single menu that pulls items from both the User Library and Midi Dictionary favorites alike.

Side note, it would be awesome to get support for the Voodoo labs pedal switchers, and the Boss 200 series pedals in the Midi Dictionary :wink:

Thanks for hearing me out, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the MC6 Pro.

For the MIDI dictionary, the channels are matched to the device only when you name the MIDI channel. i.e. if you name MIDI Channel 4 as “Timeline”, then the CC numbers on MIDI Channel 4 will be mapped to the Strymon Timeline. You’ll need to connect the device to use this feature though - it won’t work in demo mode.