Catch up to current value before sending expression CC's

When you enabled a message via “Select Exp Message”, the next time you move the expression pedal, the midi value will “jump” to whatever position the pedal was in.

Is it possible to not send any CC’s on that enabled message until the pedal was move past that position? For example

  • The volume CC is as 20%.
  • The volume CC message is deactivated via Select Exp Message.
  • The pedal is used to control some other CC and it’s now at 100%.
  • The volume CC message is activated via Select Exp Message.
  • If you tap the expression pedal the volume does not jump to 100%. (Ideally the display can display some indicator that you are above the old value, perhaps with a + symbol).
  • Moving the expression to or below 20% will start sending CC’s at that point (as it normally does).
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Thanks for the suggestion. Might be possible, but only if you stay within the same bank. Have added it to our backlog and will explore

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I can see how the flexibility of mapping expression settings per bank makes this hard to work across banks.

A few ideas:

  • Can the prior values be saved in a bank so that they will be restored if you come back? For example I could have a bank that is for volume/mixer control and when I come back to that bank, the prior values are remembered. This might be the easiest, but some things like a global volume control would be nice to have across all banks.
  • Can we have bank exit and/or bank enter action that allow us to save and/or read the expression values from (another) bank (or clear them)?
  • Perhaps at some point there is a notion of global (non-bank) expresion settings and these values can persist across banks.