Cascading "Engage Preset" presets freeze the MC6

Hi, I noticed that the MC6 freezes when I recall a preset that performs an “Engage Preset” type, when that very preset also has an “Engage Preset” step in it. So, sort of a “cascading Engage Preset” chain of events.

To me the use of a cascading Engage Preset chain is a legitimate use case, as it would allow to easily reuse combinations of frequently used commands. A bit like using functions in computer programming.

Is this by design of is this a limitation/issue within the MC6? Is anyone else experiencing this?

yes there is a limit to how many engage presets function you can trigger in a recursive function. each call takes up a certain amount of memory so there has to be a limit.

Maybe share your all bank data here so I can have a look?

Sure, I attached an All Banks backup to this post. The offending preset is 7D, this freezes the MC6. 7C is a version that sends the same set of MIDI messages but does not freeze up the device.

It appears I can’t share my bank data because I’m a new user, so here’s the backup again in a WeTransfer link: All Bank Data backup on WeTransfer

Works fine on mine - I think the issue might be related to a bug we fixed. Can you try the beta firmware here and let me know if it works for you?

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Hi james, works perfectly now with the new firmware. Thanks for a splendid job!

@james I’ll take this opportunity to mention again the only critique I have so far and it’s regarding the official information from MS:
why isn’t all firmware and editor related upgrades, whether in its final or beta state, posted on the Official Announcements category?

For example, I’m all for testing your beta versions but looking if there’s one, or for the post where you mentioned it, sends me on an unnecessary search through the forum posts.

By the way, as I understand it, the word “official” here means that it’s coming from MS, whether it’s about beta or final versions.

Otherwise, I’m elated with the work you guys do at MS!

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fair comment! I’ll do my best to organise this better.


Maybe even pinned to the top of the “Latest” page?