Can't get my PC to recognize the .syx files from bank backup

Hello, this is my first post on any forum. I just purchased my MC6 about a month ago. I’m a guitar player and brand new to world of midi and it’s been a steep learning curve for me. I figured out how to create banks (one per song) and within each bank a switch each for intro, verse, bridge, lead, etc. I can then bank up and down to call up the songs. I have room for 30 songs (one song per bank) but my church band does some 70+ songs. I need to be able to save the banks to my PC to create a library of songs to recall to the Editor as needed to load to the MC6. Here is my problem. When I backup my banks using the Morningstar Editor my PC does not recognize the .syx files. Without being able to open the folder I can’t name them or work with them in any way. I tried going into the PC settings and set a ‘default app’ that would recognize a .syx file but there aren’t any on my PC. Do I need to download a program? I’ve been in touch with Mornigstar help and they haven’t addressed downloading an app such as Midi-Ox or SyxEx. Can anyone share any knowledge on this matter. I’m just a puzzled guitar player in need of help.
Thanks, Doug

Just to make sure, have you tried loading the file from the editor itself? It will be right below where you went to perform the back up.

The files are not meant to be opened directly on your computer. You need to open the file in the Editor under Controller Backup >> Restore, and the editor will load the backup into your controller.

On the beta 3.9.x firmwares, you’ve got the option to dowload as Json which is more like what you’re asking for I think?

Thanks Quasar for your reply. Yes, when I “Restore Controller settings” it uploads all presets, but I’d like to pick and choose which banks I load to the pedal.

Thanks James. I know how to Download and Restore Controller presets. When I select “restore presets” it restores all banks . How do I select the banks I want to load to the pedal? I’d like to select which banks (songs) load to my pedal.

Thanks moley6knipe, I noticed that when I back up my individual presets they save as Json files and when I backup my banks they save as .syx files.

There isn’t this function yet. This is more of a controller bank-up function rather than a bank/data management function. The only way now would be to save the backup for each bank into individual files, and then select the banks you want to upload from there

Thanks James. Is that a function that would come out with the next upgrade? That would be awesome! Wasn’t that function available with the Preset Manager which was discontinued?