Can't get my omniports to work

Hi all

I recently got my MC6 Pro and am configuring all of my MIDI pedals

I currently have 3 pedals connected through the MIDI Out and then thru
I have one pedal connected via USB

These pedals all work fine and I can get them to work

However, I have 4 other pedals that I am connecting via the Omniports (2 strymon TRS, 1 Walrus Audio 5 Pin, and 1 GFI 5 pin). I can’t get any of the omniport pedals to accept any information.

I’ve set the pedals to MIDI mode (where appropriate - strymon) and the cables are either TRS-TRS or TRS-5 Pin depending on the need. I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong

Thanks in advance

Hi, are you aware that you have to set up the omniports of the MC in ‘controller settings’ to send midi messages?

Yes, I’ve tried pretty much every option of the omniport settings to try to get the messages to send. No luck

There’s a need to restart the controller after making changes to omniport settings, is that the problem maybe?

@james I am also unable to get any MIDI out of any of my omniports (MC6 Pro 3.12.4)

Just tested - seems ok.

Can you go to controller settings >> Edit MIDI Channel Settings and check that the ports are all selected for the relevant channels?

I’m trying to use a channel just with omniport 3.
So my channel settings for channel 12 have only omniport 3 selected.

Seems ok with this setting:

What pedal are you controlling?
Is the Remap MIDI Channel To also set to “No Remap”?

I’m trying to connect to my DIN MIDI Router like this:

Omniport → 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch TRS plug adapter → BOSS TRS 1/8 inch to MIDI Female (Type A) → MIDI Cable → MIDI Router IN

Is it not possible to send the Omniport MIDI signal to DIN?

Also, Remap MIDI Channel is set to NO REMAP.

Should work - what router is that?

You can test the Omniport by connecting it to the MIDI Input on the MC and then send a CC#127 on the MC MIDI Channel. If the MC receives a CC#127 message, it will display on the screen that a MIDI message is received.

It works doing the test you suggested… But same cables and no signal received at the router which is a MOTU MTP AV (serial). This router has worked with every single thing I’ve thrown at it. This is the first exception. Is it possible the signal is not powerful enough?

If I stick a MIDI Solutions box between the Omniport Out and the MOTU it works. So I’m guessing this means the MOTU is expecting a buffered signal?

It might be related to the voltage protection in the Omniports

Does this also include the Jackson Audio Broken Arrow v2?

I am having similar issue getting the midi to work with the BAv2 via TRS on Exp/Omniport of MC6 mkii.

Yeah seems like this is mostly limited to some Jackson and Jet pedals.

I did manage to get mine to work. This is what i did, most of this is what was recommended on this thread.

In controller settings under Configure Omniports, Omniport 1 is set to: MIDI Out - Type A (Standard).
Controller settings under Edit MIDI Channel Settings, Channel 2, i have Omniport 1 only selected. Renamed it to Broken Arrow.

In the preset i made sure to select this channel to send the CC.

On the BA, i changed the MIDI Channel to match MC6 Channel 2.

Now it works like a charm. Not sure if it will help the person on this thread but at least i got the JA BAv2 to work.