Can't enter in edit mod (MC6 mk1 2.6.2 beta)

when i press A+D then F to activate the edit mod, nothing appends. The editor from deskop or browser doesn’t see my MC6 mk1. firmware: 2.6.2 beta .
coul’d you help me?
Thank you.

ps: even when i’m trying to activate bank setting when i press C+F it does not work. it’s th first time i use this device, maybe i forgot sth…

To connect an MC to web editor via a Windows/Mac computer normally it’s this:

  1. Use Chrome as your browser.
  2. As you’re using a Beta firmware, use url
    2a. If you’re using non-Beta i.e. ‘live’ firmware the url is
  3. Connect MC to computer using standard USB A to B cable.
  4. Click “Select device to connect” and your MC should show there… click it
  5. I would also set this “off” in Editor Settings:

    …if on, this means that when you press a switch on the MC, the editor will jump to displaying that preset in the web editor BUT certain commands sent by the MC won’t do anything until you disconnect the device from the editor, so you might think it’s not working!

If off, it means that you need to manually select presets in the web editor using the dropdowns to work on them BUT you don’t need to keep connecting / disconnecting the MC6 in order to test that your switch presses are actually working!

Oh, and - if you’ve got a USB hub (particularly an unpowered USB hub) between the MC and your computer you may find you have connection problems. Best to go directly from MC USB socket to USB socket on the computer itself.

thank you for your answer, your link brings me to an mk2’s editor with a need of firmware that are not compatible with my device, anyway i tryed the mc6 mk1’s editor with google chrome like you said and it seems to work . The deskop editor still doesn’t work , i can’t activate the editor mod of the device… for now i’ll use the browser to set it up.
thanks again.

Oh sorry!! Yes that link is no good for a mark 1 device…. I don’t know what the url is for mark 1.