Can't engage preset A and toggle off preset B using one footswitch

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I apologize in advance if this isn’t the right forum’s category, I hope I got it right.
The issue I’m having probably doesn’t have anything to do with a software bug, it’s more likely just due to my lack of midi knowledge. What I’m trying to achieve is to be able to press on foot switch A to activate a certain preset A, and then pressing on it again to engage a different preset B that’s mapped to foot switch B and turn off A at the same time. I can make it almost all work: when i press A it engages preset A and when I press it again preset B gets engaged but on the controller display, preset A continues to blink as if it was still engaged. This means I can’t go back to preset A if I press foot switch A because it’s already blinking.
I’m using MC8 and a Boss RV500, Toggle mode On, Preset blink On. If I remove msg6 everything works: the preset stops blinking and it turns off but I want preset A to engage as well. What am I missing?
I hope I’ve been as clear as possible.

Have you tried this Bank setting?….

ClearTgs - Toggles the Bank Clear Toggle feature between On and Off. This feature allows you to disengage the rest of the preset toggle positions except for the preset that is just engaged. This is useful when you want the last-engaged preset to blink.

In your Preset B, add a Set Toggle message type to dis-engage Preset A

I forgot to mention that preset B, as per my example you quoted, has a Set Toggle dis-engage type msg1 for almost everything including preset A. As a matter of fact preset A it actually disengages on the Boss RV500, but keeps on blinking.

Can you share your data dump file so I can load it into my controller and take a look?

I’m really sorry, I’m not sure what you’re talking about, where do I get it on the editor?
I have the json data files for those presets but I can’t upload them because of new user restrictions

You can download your controller data into a file and send it to

Select All Banks in the backup option

Thank you so much, I’ll send you the email as soon as possible

I just tried that and unfortunately it doesn’t make any difference to the issue I’m having, but thank you

I finally solved after some emails with James and some more testing. I’m going to post the solution as soon as possible for everyone facing the same issue

Yes please - interested to see the outcome of this one. Have just started trying Engage Preset myself and it’s not doing what I think it should do either! Pretty sure it’s user error on my part, maybe this will shed light… and if not I’ll post my problem!

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As James stated on the emails, the problem was the following:
I need Presets G and F to operate in Toggle mode (and blinking mode) for them to work properly (with “Effect On” and “Effect Off” names for Pos 1 and Pos 2, but in my case this isn’t necessary for Preset A wich is not in Toggle mode.

  1. Preset G (or F) has been previously engaged correctly and it’s in Pos 1. When I engage Preset G while in Pos 2 (meaning the second time I step on the switch), Preset G was programmed to engage Preset A.
  2. Preset A was programmed to dis-engage the toggle position for Preset G (and do other stuff obviously), so Preset G changes to Pos 1, the name switches to “Effect Off” and stops blinking.
  3. However because the Toggle Mode is turned on for Preset G, it then immediately proceeds to toggle back to Pos 2, instead of remaining to Pos 1 where I want it to be so I could engage Preset G again if I want it to.
    So the final result is that after stepping on Preset G switch for the second time it gets stuck on Pos 2 blinking, and although Preset A got engaged correctly I can’t re-engage Preset G by stepping again on its switch as it’s stuck blinking on Pos 2.

The solution is to not use the Engage Preset A message on Press (or release) action of Preset G Pos 2, but just directly copy the Preset A messages in the Press (or release) action of Preset G Pos 2.

My messages are a bit more complicated than for example an Eventide H9 because I’m working with the Boss RV500 (it needs 2 consecutive messages just to turn the effect off), but I’ll post the .syx file if this isn’t enough and you need to look directly at the messages.

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