Can't Assign Expression Port 2

Just got my new MC6…getting the hang of it. I’m using the beta 3.8.0 firmware, and I’m unable to assign anything to expression port 2. Port 1 scrolls just fine and I have it assigned to “MIDI STD.” But Port 2 is just stuck on “MIDI RNG.” When I press footswitch A, nothing happens. It doesn’t scroll through the options. I’ve restarted several times and have even reloaded the firmware. Nothing helps. Anyone else experiencing this? Or know of a solution?

Try to assign it from the online editor maybe ?

I don’t think the beta firmware is supported in the online editor yet. I can’t get my settings to load. Even if I could, the dropdown menu for the expression ports don’t include MIDI as on option…

Are you using the beta editor? It needs to be used with the beta firmware