Cannot get ENGAGE to work

Yes, I have exited editor mode before testing things out.

I want to engage Preset B in Bank 2 by pressing on Preset A in Bank 1. I created a single message in Preset A of Bank 1 as follows:

  • Action: Press
  • Type: Engage Preset (Bank Number: 2; Preset: B; Action: Press)

I made sure that Preset B in Bank 2 involves Press messages.

Nothing happens. Yet, I’m able to create Bank Jump messages.

Does MIDI monitor show the expected values triggering when you press? If so either messages aren’t reaching the pedal or the pedal isn’t responding as expected I would guess.

Can you share some screenshots of the editor showing your Preset B Bank 1 and Preset B Bank 2?

I think I know why I was having a problem. I was expecting the Engage Preset function to jump to that preset. The function does indeed engage the correct preset, but it does not jump to it on the LCD display. I guess the only function that jumps is Bank Jump. Am I correct?

Yes which you could do in the same selection if that’s what you’re after

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