Cannot configure MC6 MKii on MacOS Big Sur

Hi all!

Received my MC6 mkii all the way from Singapore yesterday! Really happy with the build quality, the MIDI programming software (web version) seems OK usability wise, but I’m unable to make the thing work with Logic Pro X (10.6.1) or Guitar Rig 6 (standalone, or inside Logic Pro X).

I’m on a 2018 Intel-based MacBook Pro running Big Sur.

I am not able to see a listing for any of Morningstar’s controllers in the list scanned by Logic Pro in the “Control Surfaces>Setup>” dialog.

The MIDI Monitor tool in the web-based MIDI Editor program does indicate that all my programmed presets are doing what I want them to do. But I just cannot make this thing work with Logic or Guitar Rig 6. Using the MC6 with Logic is what I bought this for. Please help!

In fact, I’m observing strange behavior.

So I did find that the MC6 was listed in Logic under “preferences>control surfaces>MIDI Controllers”. But each time I do something (click on a track’s mute button for example) the banks change all by themselves on the MC6.

I’m running FW v3.7.3.

Has this been solved?

I have the same issue, it is changing banks by itself in Logic.


If the MC is changing banks by itself, it means the Logic is sending a PC or CC message on the MC MIDI channel to trigger the bank change. You can get around this by changing the MIDI channel on the MC to an unused channel