Cannot change MIDI CLOCK Tempo when Toggling Page

Hey everyone! I am currently building patches for songs with my MC8. I decided to use each bank for 2 songs as it is capable of toggling to two pages. The thing is, the songs of P1 and P2 will have different Tempo. I would think that this would work but it does not (Image Attached). I have MIDI PERSIST ON.

When I enter the Bank, it correctly changes to the First pages tempo (Enter on Page 1). However, upon toggling to the second page (Enter on Page 2), I cannot get my MC8 to change to the next BPM appropriate to page 2. It will still run the first page’s BPM settings. Any help?

Try removing Msg2 and see if it helps. You don’t need to stop the MIDI clock to change it

Hey James, I have tried that as well. It still won’t change the Tempo when Toggling Page (stays at Page 1’s tempo)

Ah ok, I understand now. You’re toggling page within the same bank.

Those events only execute when you enter the bank. For example, entering Page2 using a bank jump message from another bank. The bank jump message has the option to jump to a specific bank and page.

If you are using an aux switch to toggle page, or switch B+C on MC8, those events do not trigger.

I see, do you have any solution to my use case? As I want to toggle page in the same bank AND have it change the tempo. Thanks!

If you are using a switch to toggle the page you could just programm the tempo to change when pressing that switch

Unfortunately, I toggle the page using the B+C foot switches combination on the MC8 :frowning:

So it sounds like you’re stuck with setting tempo using the same action as that which engages your preset(s). If you always “start” by pressing the same preset on each page then that would be the one to add it to. Otherwise if any preset could be the starting preset, they’ll all need tempo adding I guess…

I guess so. Hope that the Morningstar Team could add a function that activates during Page Toggling in the future. :smiley:

Such a function would be useful where a page contains “all my presets for the current song” for sure. Things like setting tempo, selecting Exp messages etc. Why not suggest it here: Bug Reports and Feature Requests - Morningstar User Forum

Awesome, I will be sure to add that one to the list! thanks a lot.