Cannot Bank Jump

Hi can anyone help me. for some reason i cannot perform a bank jump. not sure what’s going on.

Have you disconnected from the editor?

I did see that tonight, I’m sure i tried it disconnected, but I’m gonna try again when I get home from work. seems strange that you can’t do that connected to the editor.


Some functions are blocked because the setting to “load data into the editor with switch presses” (in the Editor Settings) is turned on. So bank jump etc are blocked because the editor does not know whether you want to load a preset to edit, or do a bank jump.

More info here: Certain Functions Are Not Working

thank you so much, I should have seen that. I’m obviously new to all this midi stuff. and slowly getting comfortable with it all.

Al good reasons for this to not be the default setting. Confusion and things not working because the editor is attached is the the wrong default setting. This issue snags newbies and experts alike.

Yeah, in the next firmware + editor update, we can change the default setting because it is more obvious on how to select a Preset to edit. Changing it in the current editor version will just result in a lot of “how come I press a switch and editor doesn’t change” questions.

That will be fantastic!

I don’t know if people expect that from a device connected to an editor. Might be hard for you and other veterans used to this feature to “see” that, but that feature is a pleasant surprise to some.

And if i wanted that feature, I’d probably find/realize that the editor setting controlled this. The reverse is not as likely.

It’s a legacy thing. When we designed the editor/controller, the only way to load a preset into the editor was to press a switch. In most of our early videos, it is done that way. There was no other way to select a preset. We do get a lot of questions about why presets are not loading when a switch is pressed also.

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aaand trust me, on the surface it may seem like a no brainer but its really not straightforward to make changes to default options just like that. We’ve already got emails coming in about this: