Can you save a bank? (MC6 mkii)

I set up the MC6 for setlist use with one Bank per song. Each of the 6 presets within that particular song’s bank will control parameters on an HX Stomp, Strymon Timeline and BigSky. (Bank 1 = Song 1, etc.)

I see that I can save an individual preset. But what about a Bank holding my song’s presets?

I’d like to be able to save it to my laptop and just load the bank rather than the 6 presets whenever I’m called to do the song again.

Thanks in advance!

My bad…posted before giving a thorough investigation. I think my answer lies with using the Setlist Manager part of the editor.

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Yeah Setlist Manager is your friend here. Or you can do it on the controller with the ‘Bank and Preset Manager’…951910401.html#MIDIEditorManual(v1.3-BankandPresetManager

Fill all 30 banks with presets and do an all banks backup. Then if your “library” needs to hold more than 30 banks, clear down Setlist Manager or the Controller’s banks and add some more, do another backup (a recently added feature is being able to add a text note to the backup eg reason for backup, contents).

Then you can load one or more backup files, and drag over the banks and/or presets you want from any/all banks in the loaded backup files.

Or you could substitute using “all banks” backup files for backing up individual banks. I think you’ll find it less clicks to load one all banks backup file than 30 individual files!

And then from there, make another backup file like “Friday’s gig” or “Band A Setlist 1”. Load them into the controller and/or retain the files for future (re)use.

Which is pretty neat - can’t think of many midi foot switches that let yers do that in your browser.

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I set up a bank dedicated to navigating to each song bank using the bank jump command.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I mostly play at church so its a setlist of 4-5 songs per Sunday. The setlist changes each week but many songs in our “catalog” will repeat periodically. So I’m trying ways to make programming my rig as efficient as possible. I like the idea of saving an individual bank/song to my laptop and then loading it to create a set for a given week. I really just need to get used to Setlist Manager - its a great feature to have in the editor!

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Thanks for the tip!

I do that with a bank serving as my setlist “homepage” to “quick” jump to a song in my setlist. I have an external dual aux switch that has one button set to return to this homepage and the other to the next song (once I’m already in that song’s bank).

As I mentioned, I’m really trying to come up with an efficient method for programming a setlist from a catalog of songs. Being to save and load an individual bank/song into the editor and creating a setlist from that is great. I had missed that feature in the recent editor update.

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Yeah it’s quite awesome as an add on to a midi controller! I don’t know if one can drag and drop many bank backup files from eg windows file browser…. That would make it (after initial save of bank files) quite quick!

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