Can we press Two preset at once?

Hi everyone,

I have enable my Dual switch lock because i dont want to scroll between bank by pressing Two switch. But sometime i need to press 2 switch to engage two different preset.
I’ve tried many time, many way, it seems to be impossible to do that.

Can someone confirm if i’m correct or if there’s a way ?
thank you

Hi MellowMike,
I think it’s possible. You can program a preset with 2 messages and use another preset to trigger the preset with 2 messages with 1 press, if that’s what you need to do. Do a search on Morningstar search bar on ‘engage’ and look at James answer and Scott response. Hope this helps.


Great idea !!! Thank you :slight_smile: !!

Yup, what @lasido said.

It’s not possible to engage 2 presets by pressing 2 switches at once. But you can program one preset to engage another preset if that set up works for you.

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