Can the ML5 be used as a Y Guitar Splitter?

Would it be possible to use the ML5 as a Y Guitar Signal Splitter?
So my Guitar Signal would go into the ML5 in order to send out to two signals? In my case those signals would go to a Boss GT-1000 Amp Modeller and an Universal Audio Apollo x8 Audio Interface. I just want to switch between the two outputs. Normally I don’t want to send the guitar signal to both outputs at the same time.

If you don’t need two outputs at once you could just switch between two of the available loop sends. You might run into groundloop issues though. You’ll be probably better off to use a dedicated aby switcher. Lehle offers good quality midi capable switchers.

The ML5 can’t send two outputs at once as the signal is ‘cut’ once it goes to one of the sends. The signal has to return to continue and progress to the next stage. It’s a mono unit whereas the ML10X is a stereo unit. Adding something like the Suhr Buffer at the end would add the ability to split the signal.

OK, thank you very much!