Can the MC6 receive MIDI and react?

I am wondering if I can send MIDI PC messages to the MC6 and have it, in turn, send out messages to devices. I have a GigRig G2 that I use for presets, and would like the MC6 to receive PC messages from G2, and send out other PC messages to my Terraform, and HX Stomp. Is that possible?

You can do this with the Engage Preset midi commands. You can send CC messages that will tell the MC6 to engage a preset just like you tapped on the button.

Engage Preset

CC# 10 - 21 (10 = Preset A) (11=Preset B) …

0 = Do Nothing
1 = On Press
2 = On Release
3 = On Long Press
4 = On Long Press Release
5 = On Double Tap
6 = On Double Tap Release
7 = On Double Tap Hold
8 = On Double Tap Hold Release

You can also send program change messages if you want to remotely tell the MC6 to change to a different bank.
These and some other midi commands are at the end of the online manual.

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