Can’t get CC Waveforms to work

I’m using my MC8 with my Eventide Rose and cannot get anything to work with the CC Waveforms. What I’m trying to do is get the delay time multiplier (CC#15, 0 off, 128 on) switch to turn on and off repeatedly. I’ve set up waveform generator 1 as square wave modding from 0-127. The set a press action to waveform generator start, CC15, 60 cycles per second, and a toggle press to stop the waveform generator. Seems like it should work but nothing. I’ve tried other CC numbers for the Rose and can’t get anything to respond. Everything responds with normal CC messages just not the waveform generators. I’m using the iphone app for programming. Am I missing something or need to use the desktop app maybe?

Have you disconnected from the controller before sending the waveform? Maybe too obvious, but worth checking?

Not sure if i did. I will give it a shot. Thank you!

That was the problem! Thanks again!