Can MC8 listen to external midi clock?

Hello, I know that MC8 works fine when acting as a source of midi clock for chain of pedals. But is it possible set it so that MC8 listens to external midi clock from for example drum machine? Will MC8 pass midi clock to pedals down the chain?


Trying to do the same thing. I want to send clock from ableton to MC6.

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In the meantime I’ve received message from James (Morningstar Team):

We are planning to allow the MC8 to listen to the external MIDI clock messages and set its own internal tempo, and then generate the MIDI clock itself.

It can currently pass MIDI messages including clock down the chain but there can be issues:

It can pass MIDI clock from MIDI IN to MIDI Out only, but if the MC8 is being used then the MIDI clock might go out of sync for a moment (Hence we cannot say we support it). MIDI IN to USB MIDI or vice versa is not supported. We’re looking into implementing a feature to fix this.

since the MIDI clock messages are time-sensitive, and the MC8 is processing all the incoming MIDI messages, there may be a situation where the clock will go out of sync when the MC8 is processing other events.

i’d like the MC3 to do this as well. i’m using ableton and i’d like to send clock to the MC3 via usb and then get clock at the same tempo out of the mini-jack outs. whether it’s the same clock from ableton passed through, or the MC3 generating it’s own clock at the same tempo as the incoming clock…either would work. it would solve a big problem for me!

Currently the only way to do this is via the MIDI DIN input on the MC8. Many audio interfaces have MIDI I/O ports or you can use a MIDI interface such as those made by iConnectivity.

There are issues with MIDI clock via USB - check out this post for more info.