Can MC6Pro sequencer use MIDI clock?

Hi there, I’ve just ordered the MC6 Pro but was confused after reading the manual.

In the sequencer section, I couldn’t see mention of MIDI clock, can the sequencer use MIDI clock?

Sorry if this is obvious but the manual talks about cycles per minute and a cycle multiplier so I’m hoping it uses clock.

Cheers, Ben

Yes, it can. Just enable ‘Follow MIDI Clock BPM’ as shown below.

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You can set the sequencer to run based on the current MIDI Clock BPM that the MC6 PRO is at. If the MIDI clock tempo changes, the sequencer will not automatically adjust to the new MIDI clock BPM. You’ll need to engage it again to get it to run at the new BPM.

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Ah OK, so I’m assuming that’s because it takes a few seconds for the tempo to stabilise - is that right?

Yes, if the MC6 PRO is receiving MIDI Clock from an external source, it takes some time for the new BPM to be determined, and then having the sequencer automatically responding to the new BPM would not make sense because it will be out of sync with whatever you’re playing with.

If you are using the MC6 PRO to generate the MIDI clock, you can just add the message to start the sequencer after your MIDI clock message, just so that the sequencer will restart when you change the MIDI clock.

For example:

Tapping a new MIDI clock BPM will restart the sequencer with each tap based on the new BPM.

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Wow awesome, thanks for that. So if using clock from a sequencer, it’d need to reset with the start of the song (my tempos don’t change mid-song) and would need a bar to stabilise, is that right? Or am I missunderstanding?

Would it be possible to have the MC6 adjust its clock after it’s received enough samples from the external clock … perhaps as an option in the controller settings?

I don’t use this feature, but for those that do this might be helpful.

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