Can MC6Pro send HX Stomp PC's and CC's for HX Preset and block state recall

Previously on a forum thread or manual which I can no longer locate, I found I could not do the following.

Can (or is there a way for) an MC6 Pro on Bank recall and send a PC to an HX Stomp (or another device) and also send a CC to change a block, snapshot, or another parameter on the same device? I want to recall a preset (via PC) and then immediately turn on an effect (via CC) like chorus or delay.

Seems to me if a bank recalled on MC6 could immediately send bank preset messages like PC and then the MC6Pro had the option to delay sending some messages like CC’s this would work. The last time I tried, the PC would get sent and the CC would not be recognized by the HX Stomp.

My application is, I use MC6Pro as a master to control 7 midi devices. I perform solo. my effects are not on the floor. I use a remote FOB and Arduino to control my MC6Pro and scroll through banks. Once I hit the song bank I’m done, every device is set, and don’t want to change a thing till the song is done.

I send PC, CC, set BPM, and start and stop a click track with every bank on the MC6Pro. For every song I have bank on the MC6Pro for, I have a matching preset on my HX Stomp. All my other MIDI devices require less info. With the HX Stomp though the difference between many of my presets is only chorus or delay off or on.

I’m about to go from controlling sound pallets of 20 songs on the MC6Pro to over 60 songs. I believe the only way I can reduce the number of presets on the HX Stomp is to have an HX preset for each combination of effects in on or off state. I’d rather have fewer HX presets to make things easier, especially for leveling each preset.

If I could send a PC and then delay CC’s this would reduce my programming.

I do this with my setup. I use the “On Enter Bank” event on the bank. The messages are sent sequentially, and I haven’t had any issue with the Stomp not processing them. You can change block status with CC, such as bypass or engage, but you can’t change the block itself. For example, you can change pretty much any parameter on an Amp block, but you can’t change the Amp type. For doing something like you mention such as turning Chorus or Delay on/off, you can assign a CC for that on the respective block on the Stomp using HX Edit.

If you need to insert a delay between commands, go to the next message and use the “Delay” type to specify how many milliseconds to wait before sending the next message. I haven’t had to use this with the Stomp in my use cases, but hopefully that might help with your issue.

Thanks MjCartney

Last year with MS6Pro on v3.11.2 I tried exactly as you described with ‘On Enter Bank’ messages of both PC and CC I got either got intermittent results or no result.

Thanks for info on ‘Delay’ message. I believe this will solve my issue. Delay message was not available last year, it was added in v3.4 so I have to update.

Last year I set my banks, went on tour, got used to this set up and left programming out of my mind.

Today I’m m half way through a 10 day gig and think I’m gonna wait until down time before I update and reprogram.

Thanks again. I believe my issue solved.