Can MC6 Send MIDI Notes and EXP Pedal Data Simultaneously?

I’m using Ableton Live as a keyboard rig for live performance, and a Morningstar MC6 pedal to send MIDI notes over USB to the computer. Mostly this means I’m stomping on a footswitch on the MC6 mapped to the Scene Launch button in Live.

I also have an expression pedal plugged into the EXP 1 jack on the MC6, which I’m using for things like volume swells and cutoff filter sweeps on keyboard instruments within Live.

My problem is that if the expression pedal is being moved at all, and I stomp on the Scene Launch button, the Scene Launch button will not send MIDI to Ableton Live. It seems that when MIDI data from the expression pedal are being sent, other MIDI messages are blocked.

Is this a limitation of the MC pedals, or is there a workaround for this?

Thanks yall

If you are just using a Press action to activate those presets, yes it should work - I just tested this on my MC8.

BUT, I just had a look at the MC6 code and this feature was not implemented. We’ve got a few more bugs reports to look through in v3.9.7 beta, will look into this today as well and then publish an update.

Thank you so much! Yes, I’ve been using Press actions for this.

The MC6 and ML5 have been invaluable to my new live rig, thank you for the great design and for being on top of small bugs like this!