Can I use WIDI Jack with MC6 Pro Omniport 1?

Hi all
I don’t necessarily need this but am curious if an MC6 Pro Omniport should be able to power a WIDI Jack? This isn’t working for me but I’m curious as to whether it should when I configure an Omniport to be MIDI Out - Type A.

The Pirate MIDI Bridge6 Flexiports can be configured like this and will power a WIDI Jack…so I’m just curious if the MC6 Pro should, too.

I’ve tested a couple of other MIDI devices with configurable TRS ports and they can all provide power.

Can anyone confirm that the MC6 Pro Omniports can’t power external devices when the ports are configured to MIDI Out - Type A?

Not sure about omniports, but the mini trs out powers the WIDI Jack.

Yep. I’m just curious about the Omniports because it seems odd they don’t appear to provide any power compared to similar ports on other controllers.

@james, can you clarify if an MC6 Pro Omniport configured to “MIDI Out - Type A” should be able to power a Widi Jack? The MC6 Pro user manual states that a TRS MIDI configuration of MIDI Out - Type A is MIDI via Tip and the Ring is powered, but this config doesn’t power a Widi Jack in either Mode A or B. However, the Flexiport on my Luminite M1 does power a Widi Jack with the same TRS config.

It doesn’t make sense to me why the MC6 Pro user manual states that an Omniport configured as MIDI Out - Type A will provide power when it obviously doesn’t?

I believe you misinterpreted the ‘ring is powered’ statement. The article below explains how the hardware of midi works
Have a read

Link to article

Thanks @GuitarWolf, this was an interesting read. However, I don’t think it actually contradicts my understanding of the situation i.e. yes, MIDI is just data but there’s still some low power voltage (i.e. 3.3V or 5V) transmitted from the source device to the receiving device…and this article even states this. Plus, many powered MIDI devices can power other unpowered MIDI devices if they don’t require much current i.e. the standard 3.3V or 5V for MIDI.

I’m happy to be proved wrong, though, and am always interested to learn more about the vagaries of MIDI.

The voltage is used to transfer the data.
Low voltage = 0
High voltage = 1

You can’t use this to power a device at the same time.

Phantom power can be provided for example via a 7 pin midi plug but the current to power the device is transferred separatly.

Can you provide a link for this info? It makes no sense at all to me but I’d like to learn more. There are plenty of devices that power MIDI via TRS and 5-pin DIN. Even the MC6 Pro powers WIDI devices via DIN and mini TRS.

True it’s possible to have phantom power with 5 pin DIN, but nevertheless in this case pins 4 and 5 are used to transfer the current.
If you think about it, phantom power over trs would be a bad idea, because you’d shorten the circuit every time you plug/unplug the cable